What’s the Deal With Freebie Money Printer?

Is it a Scam? Is it Really free? 

I put the Freebie Money Printer system to the test, just to see if I could accomplish what the creators, Scott Agee & Stefan Dessalines claim can be done using their “Free” system. 

I put in my contact email and received and immediate response with my login information to the Freebie Money Printer system backend.

There were 5 short simple videos to watch and follow along with. 

Technically, only the first two videos are needed to get your sytem up and running. The rest provide free training and some other member benefits. 

Anyway, so far so good…I haven’t spent a penny. 

The first video instructs you on how to get qualified. 

Red Flag! If it’s a free system, why do I need to get qualified? 

Okay, turns out I didn’t have to spend any actual money to get qualified… 


So what’s the catch? 

The Freebie Money Printer system works with another company called BigKanbang

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BigKabank has partenered with hundred’s of Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Godaddy and Walmart just to name a few. 

What these Fortune 500 companies want are leads… 

And They Are Willing to Pay $$ Millions $$ to Get Them!


That’s where getting qualified comes in. In order to get qualified, I had to achieve 1 Credit. 

How did I achieve the 1 Credit? Well, that’s the real “Catch”. 

You earn credits by participating in “Trial Offers”. 

We’ve all seen trial offers before, “sign up for 1 month free service and only pay blah blah bah each month after”… 

Well, that’s what these Fortune 500 companies want us to do, and in order to get qualified and receive my 1 Credit I had to enroll in 3 different “Free Trial Offers”. 

Note: Each trial offer is worth a certain number of credits. I chose three free offers that allowed me to achieve my 1 Credit. 

Why do you need to have 1 Credit in order to qualify? 

In order to receive the $40 commissions for everyone I am going to share the Freebie Money Printer system with, I had to have at least 1 Credit. 

To put it simply, I had to participate in a few Free trial offers in order to get paid my commissions… 

Honestly it isn’t much of a catch

I signed up for 3 Free trial offers. As long as I participate in them for at least 85% of the trial offer, I qualified and got my 1 Credit…no biggie really. 

The best part? I received my qualifying 1 Credit immediately after signing up for the free trials. 

Two days before my free trial offers ended…I simply canceled my accounts and didn’t have to pay a penny! 

I was still qualified to receive my commissions. You only need to do this one time! 

Once you have received your 1 Credit, you are able to refer as many people as you want and you are paid $40 for every person that does the same thing you just did. 

This can all be done without spending a single penny!printing-coupons12-300x224 

The second video is a simple introduction video and guide that helps familiarize you to your back office. 

The back office is fully functional, with just over a dozen free capture pages you can choose to advertise with. 

You also have a built in auto-responder that is already set up and ready to go just as soon as you get your free system from Freebie Money Printer

All of your leads are listed under your “Lead Manager” tab. It shows the dates your leads were added and their contact email…there is also a star rating attached to each lead, but I’m not quite sure how that works just yet. 

I do know that you are able to send out a “Broadcast” to all of your leads. Something that I think every money making system should offer! So I was impressed with that feature. 

But, was I able to make any money without spending and money?? 

Here is a screen shot of the leads I acquired after just 24 hours of joining. 


Note: I didn’t spend any money on marketing! This was all from Free traffic! 

In the first 24 hours I received my first sale as well! I received a notice that I had earned a $40 commission, so I went and deposited it into my Paypal account. 

There is no waiting days, weeks or even months to get paid! 

Your Commissions Are Instantly Deposited Into Your Paypal Account!

That’s all there is to it really… 

  • Sign up for a free account.
  • Qualify to receive your commissions by earning at least 1 Credit.
  • Refer others to do the same.
  • Collect your $40 over & over again

Here are the Trial Offers I used. I feel they were the easiest & most inexpensive to start and cancel without too much hassle.2014-03-06_1305-e1394151570208

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